Casing, Blower, DBW-2010 WPX-225-67A - USED

WPX-225-67A - USED
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Casing, Blower, DBW-2010 - WPX-225-67A - USED

THIS IS USED PART  Tested good.  Guaranteed to work, no warranty beyond that.

This part did not clean up very well and has some stains (see photo), but should work just fine.   Price is right!

"J" bolts that hold Webasto in place should be tightened to 25-35 INCH pounds of torque - This is:  2.08 to 2.92 foot pounds, 2.83 to 3.95 newton metre.  This is snug, but not too tight.

New part listed below.

Limited quantities.  If it shows "Availability Out-of-Stock" below, then there are none available.

Price $80.00
Availability Out-of-Stock

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