Hydro-Hot Hot and AHE-450 Water Line Kit

Hydro-Hot Hot Water Line Kit
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Hydro-Hot Hot Water Line Kit.  Complete Kit to replace entire hot water line between boiler and mixing valve.Since every water line appears to be slightly different, you will need to trim PEX pipe provided to match length of existing pipe.

Consists of one PLX-803-ELE, two PLX-803-FSE and two short pieces of 1/2" PEX pipe.  You will need to trim PEX pipe to correct length.  Directions are included.

If you have Aqua-Hot model AHE-100-03S, AHE-100-04S and AHE-600-DE1 you need this kit:  Aqua-Hot Water Line Kit



Depending on which model of Hydro-Hot you have, you may need short brass nipple (If connection to mixing valve does not already have one).  See photo on left


If you need brass nipple to connect pex line to mixing valve, add below in Options.

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