Motor, Comb AIR/12V - WPX-425-060 - USED - BIG

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Motor, Comb AIR/12V, DBW 2010 - WPX-425-060 - BIG - USED

THIS IS USED PART.  Tested good.  Guaranteed to work upon install and meet specifications.  No warranty beyond that.  No returns.

This motor will exactly replace the motor in your Webasto DBW-2010, which is used in all diesel fired Aqua-Hot models that use the Webasto burner.

 New motor is here:   WPX-425-060   New motor is more robust. 

I sugest replacing plastic clutches.  Order 2ea (pair).  Shown below.


Limited quantities.  If it shows "Availability Out-of-Stock" below, then there are none available.

Price $150.00
Availability Out-of-Stock

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