Nozzle, Fuel - WPX-886-41A

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Nozzle, Fuel - WPX-886-41A - Danfoss - Shipping Danfoss nozzles.

Best value is filter + nozzle packages, here:  Routine Service Kits

This nozzle is used on all of the Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heaters that are diesel fired - WPX-886-41A-DF

You need 16 MM wrench to install / remove this nozzle.  Add one in options below.

This nozzle also has the part number of WPX-886-41A.  I add the "-DF" to indicate that these are Danfoss nozzles which in my view are far superior to the other nozzles that are available.

An old / alternate part number for this nozzle is:  FLX-013-150

"Package" of 10) nozzles are shown below. 
ONLY ORDER 10 nozzles if you are sure you will use them within the next year.

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