Pump, Buehler C20 - PLX-100-900

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Pump, Buehler C21 - PLX-100-900

This is replacement pump for heaters that already have this pump installed.

DOES NOT INCLUDE wiring harness, mounting bracket, hoses, adapters or directions.  This pump uses a proprietary wiring harness.  You will not be able to power this pump without the proper harness.

If you are replacing older versions of pumps, I suggest purchasing Pump, Circulation - PLE-100-905-FRU - Upgrade Kit  You need the harness, pump mounting bracket and other parts that are in this kit.

Bracket and Islolator for this pump:   PLX-100-836

Harness for this pump:  ELE-400-900

Alternate name is Buehler C20 pump.

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