Pump, Circulation - PLE-100-905-FRU - Upgrade Kit

PLE-100-905-FRU - Upgrade Kit
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Pump, Circulation - PLE-100-905-FRU - Upgrade Kit

You have to drain coolant from Aqua-Hot.  The updated pump has 3/4" inlet and outlet ports.  The pumps shown above has 1/2" ports.  A complete selection of hoses / adaptors / clamps and parts are included in kit to adapt the 1/2" ID existing hoses to the new pump 3/4" ports.

Factory Service Bulletin outlining how to install pumps is included.

This kit is update for this pump.

If you have the PLX-100-835 pumps, I suggest replacing all 3 ot 4 pumps at once.

Discount availble for ordering multiple pump kits.  See below. 



Kit will also replace this pump.   Just tie wrap pump to existing bracket as shown

If you have this pump and If you want to consider used pump (and I have any available), you will find it here:  PLE-100-821-USED


Pump kit not returnable.

If it shows "Availability Out-of-Stock" below, then there are none available.

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Price $210.00
2 or more $205.00 each
3 or more $200.00 each
4 or more $195.00 each
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