Pump, Circulation - PLE-600-835-FRU - Upgrade Kit

PLE-600-835-FRU - Upgrade Kit
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Pump, Circulation - PLE-600-835-FRU - Upgrade Kit

NOTE:  If you have Hydro-Hot or any heater in the 400 series, you want this pump upgrade kit PLE-100-905-FRU

This kit is pump upgrade for Aqua-Hot Model numbers AHE-100-03S, AHE-100-04S and any heater in the 600 series with pumps that look like this:


This kit is update for this pump.











Pump kit not returnable.

This is NOT a plug and play replacement

You have to drain about 8 gallons of coolant from Aqua-Hot.  The updated pump has 3/4" inlet and outlet ports.  The pumps shown above has 1/2" ports.  A complete selection of hoses / adaptors / clamps and parts are included in kit.

You have to replace the hoses.  I think it is easiest to use the "Bell End" hoses that are supplied with the kit.  Connect the 3/4" ID side to the new pump and trim the 1/2" ID size to fit to replace the entire existing hose.  Aqua-Hot Factory Service Bulletin outlining how to install pumps is included.



Leave existing bracket attached to case and tie wrap replacement pump to bracket like this:




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