Relay, Retrofit Kit (Complete) Hydro-Hot - ELE-630-002-HYD

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Complete Relay Retrofit kit.  All new wires, new relay, new high limit thermostat.  Wirng is #12 stranded wire and ends have been tinned.  Extension box is included and optional.  Relay and wires will normaly fit into existing box.

This upgrade kit is intended to be used on HHE-x00-07x models and earlier that have the hot (black) wire direct to the element and the neutral (white) wire is switched.  Will work on any of the Hydro-Hot models. Starting with the AHE-450 model, the electric cover is different (powder coated white).


If your relay looks like photo below, order relay wire upgrade kit in options below.
Old Style Relay

Relay Wire Upgrade kit.
Retrofit Wire

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