Switch, Assembly, 4 position, LED - ELE-000-908

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Switch Assembly - 4 Switches.  This is the newest version of the switch panel. ELE-000-908

This switch panel is for Aqua-Hot units that have dual elements.

Some rewiring may be needed.  Let me know which switch panel is in your coach and I will include directions.  Refer to which switch panel is in your coach in the "Switches and Switch Panel" section of this website.

The cutout in the cabinet will probalby have to be enlarged by 3/8" in width and 1/4" in height.  Verify that switch will fit into hole in cabinet prior to installing wires.  You need at least 2 1/2" in depth, 3" is much more confortable.

Includes jumper wires to make switch lights work.

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