Tank, Expansion, 5 Quart - PLE-621-800 - 431 Systems

Tank, Expansion, 5 Quart - PLE-621-800 - 431 Systems
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PLE-621-800 - Expansion Tank, 5 Quart - Normaly Used for For model 920-431, 431, AHE-100-01S, AHE100-02S and others.

This expansion tank can also be used for AHE-100-03S, AHE-100-04S and 600-DE1.  The single hose will connect to the radiator cap filler neck.  The overflow hose will not be used.  You need to add LDE-200-023 label indicating that heater should be filled with the Camco -100 Boiler coolant.

This expansion tank WILL NOT work with new Zero Pressure (NO RADIATOR CAP) heaters.

If you are looking for replacement cap, you will find it here: PLE-HYD-001

Contact me with your model number if you have questions which tank to purchase

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